185 ARV 116 JJ ULTRA LIGHT RA0000302

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Construction :

 AR75 Sidewall : semi-cap sandwich construction, combining softness and forgiveness in the tip and tail, and a powerful and sturdy flex underfoot, so as not to lose power on hard snow

  • Caruba Core : wood core offering a lively and powerful ride
  • AR Freestyle Rocker : a rocker in the tip and tail is combined with a positive camber under the foot, which provides an ideal pop for launching rotations or presses, while increasing the versatility of the ski, making it manageable on hard, changing or fresh snow
  • S7 Base: this is the standard base used for the majority of the skis in the range. Durable and requiring little maintenance, it offers a perfect compromise between resistance and glide quality
  • 1.7 Lightweight Edge: a heat treated steel edge that will withstand the most extreme conditions of use
  • Smear Tech: a 3D bevelled sole is present in the tip and heel to provide a "surfy" feeling in all snow conditions. This original profile located at the ends of the ski will facilitate manoeuvrability in deep or light snow, for an effortless glide and a more natural position on the ski
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Размер в см. 185
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