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These bindings feature a base plate made of glass-filled nylon and an asymmetrical hiback that is both lightweight and incredibly strong and fits the shape of the boots perfectly. They also feature a medium flex level that is responsive from end to end, but soft enough to allow the skier to lean into the rails, butterfly the hardpack and alleviate the heavy, locked-in feel of very stiff bindings. The ExoFrame Fusion PowerStrap technology optimally covers the feet, eliminating cramping and uncomfortable pressure points.

The brand's patented rear entry system simplifies boot insertion. The Mayon's locking pawls can be adjusted with a single turn of the wrist. ActiveStrap technology speeds up entry and exit. It raises the foot strap slightly as soon as the skier tilts the hiback to create a wide space for the boots. Each time the hiback is raised, the tension level remains the same.

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